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Monday, April 30, 2012

Choose the Perfect Niseko Accommodation For Your Holiday

Niseko-hirafu-alpen (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
A popular tourist attraction in Japan where people often gather for all season vacations is Niseko. Voted as one of the top 10 ski resorts in the world, it's understandable what the big attraction is here. But, it's more than just a ski resort as people come here year round to enjoy its wonderful atmosphere for water sports, horseback riding, bicycling, white water rafting and the delicious cuisine that can be found here. For the perfect Niseko accommodation, there are many choices available to make a holiday here comfortable and luxurious. Choose from resort homes, penthouses or luxury apartments to accommodate couples, families or even small groups and all are located in the main areas of Hirafu village.

Resort Homes

For luxurious comfort, choosing one of the many resort homes for your Niseko accommodation offers close proximity to the village shuttle stop and is near many fine restaurants. They are available in many different numbers of bedrooms and located throughout the Niseko area. With custom built kitchens and spacious open plan living, they are perfect for entertaining. All of these homes offer storage space for ski equipment and provide excellent central heating.

Apartments and Condos

If interested in an apartment or condo Niseko accommodation, there are many available that offer unique architecture and luxurious living. Located throughout the Hirafu village, they offer comfortable and high quality furnishings, providing a stay that will make you want to return soon. These accommodations are modern and funky and conveniently close to bars, shopping and restaurants. All have fully equipped laundry facilities.

Luxurious Penthouses

For the ultimate experience in fine living during a holiday, choosing a Niseko accommodation in one of the many large penthouses will provide glorious scenic views. These ultra-modern styled living spaces offer the best in luxurious comfort. Most offer balconies and large jet tubs for experiencing the lap of luxury while enjoying the wonderful outdoor activities that are available here. Catching a ride on the village shuttle is easy with the great locations of these fabulous penthouses. All are furnished in luxuriously modern decor with state of the art kitchens and appliances.

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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Where to Stay When Visiting Niseko Japan

日本語: ニセコ町里見付近から望む
日本語: ニセコ町里見付近から望む (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
If you are considering skiing in Japan for the first time this coming northern winter you can't go past Niseko in Hokkaido, Japan's north island.

Niseko is located approximately 2.5 hours drive from Sapporo's New-Chitose airport. Access to Sapporo airport is commonly via a domestic flight from Haneda airport in Tokyo. The only draw-back about access to Niseko is all international flights into Tokyo actually come in to Narita International airport which is a 1 hour bus ride across Tokyo from Haneda (the transfer between airports can add several hours to your journey particularly if your domestic flight doesn't align with your international flight and bus transfer). If you have the option of flying via Hong Kong, there are a limited number of direct international flights into Sapporo New-Chitose airport.

The bus ride from Sapporo to Niseko is relatively painless. The roads are pretty straight and there are very few hills to climb and descend as Niseko base camp is about the same altitude as the airport.
There is a diverse range of accommodations in Niseko and the first decision you will need to make is which village to stay in. There are four distinct areas; Hirafu Village, Niseko Village (formerly Higashiyama),
Annupuri and Hanazono.

If you are not big on nightlife and want access to some of the best powder Niseko has to offer, Annupuri is a great option. Often during a storm the link between the other ski areas and Annupuri are closed keeping the crowds away from this little powder paradise. It also has some of the best onsens (Japanese hot springs) in the area.

Hirafu is the main village where you will find the parties with dozens of restaurants and bars. It also has the greatest range of accommodation in Niseko. This is by far the most popular area to stay for international guests.

Niseko Village is located between Hirafu and Annupuri and most trails in this area are suited to beginners. Accommodation is limited to one large 4-star hotel; the Niseko Village Hilton.
Lastly, and up-and-coming hub for Niseko is the Hanazono village. This area was purchased several years ago by an Australian consortium and at the time consisted of little more than a day centre. Today it is a hub of activity with restaurants, bars and a variety of accommodations.

Wherever you decide to stay, you will be able to easily access Nisekos world famous deep, deep powder!
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Friday, April 13, 2012

The Incredible Ski Resorts in Niseko, Japan

日本語: ニセコ町里見付近から望む日本語: ニセコ町里見付近から望む (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
One of the most popular ski resorts in Asia is located in the Japanese city of Niseko. Niseko is in Hokkaido, an island in the northern part of Japan. Hokkaido is home to the aboriginal Ainu race, many national parks and Mt. Niseko Annupuri. It also faces Mt. Yotei which is now a dormant volcano.
Niseko is actually four ski areas together. Located just ten hours from Sydney, it has become extremely popular with Australians and New Zealanders. Sapporo- Chitose is the closest airport and offers bus service to help complete your journey. The resorts are connected by shuttle buses. There are numerous hotels and chalets to fit every budget. Moiwa is the least used of the resorts. The Moiwa Lodge is for the intermediate skier allowing the skier the ability to ski in and out. It offers different rooms and specials to accommodate every budget.
Hirafu is the best known of the four resorts. There are over forty different accommodations available here from expensive, luxurious chalets to less expensive hotels and lodges. The staff here caters to English speaking families. There are more smaller family run resorts here than in the other resorts. Higashiyama has fewer places to stay than Hirafu. The Hooting Owl Lodge can accommodate up to sixteen and is a great place for a large party to book out. The Green Leaf Hotel is more elegant. They have two hundred rooms and an incredible outdoor hot spring. The last ski area is Annupuri.
The weather here can be brutal with strong winds. This area is definitely for a more experienced stronger skier. The ski lifts are just seconds away making this an ideal place to stay for the committed skier. Remember before booking a room at any of these hotels to ask about any specials. Ask about rooms that come with breakfast and dinner or offer child care.
Niseko has fifteen meters of powder snow. There are twenty two beginner runs and seventeen advanced runs. There are numerous lifts, chairs and gondolas that help keep the lines moving quickly. Niseko offers incredible skiing and snowboarding in an incredible setting.
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